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Frances Hunt 1766-1836

Frances Hunt was born in 1766, the daughter of Thomas Hunt and his wife née Cicely Hodgson. Her father had business interests in Newcastle-on-Tyne, but his principal residence at Cockshoot Lydiat in Herefordshire. Her brother was the Reverend Philip Hunt 1772-1838, who served in several Bedfordshire parishes, and accompanied the Earl of Elgin to Constantinople and Athens as ambassador to the Ottoman Empire.

She was married to Thomas Gould 1752-1829 on 12 July 1784 in St Andrew's church, Newcastle-on-Tyne. He was born in 1752, the son of Joseph Gould 1715-1777 and his wife née Ellen Gilbert 1722-1792.

Northaw Place

Northaw Place

Thomas Gould followed in the trade of his father, and became a mercer in London.

He lived with his wife Frances and their family at 73 Cheapside in the city of London, which was also his business address, and at his country home, Northaw Place in Hertfordshire. He died on 23 March 1829 at Northaw Place, and was buried on 31 March 1829, the funeral being held at St Mary's church in Islington, Middlesex.

Thomas Gould 1752-1829 and his wife Frances had six sons and six daughters (1):

Thomas Gould. He was born on 9 June 1785, and became known as Captain Thomas Gould. He died unmarried on 23 February 1845.

Nathaniel Gould. He was born on 6 February 1787. He followed his father and grandfather into the cloth trade and became a London mercer. He married Mary Crompton in 1823, and they had five children. He died in 1867.

Frances Gould. She was born on 10 February 1789 at Northaw Place. She died on 14 December 1843.

Richard Gould. He was born in 1792 at Bakewell in Derbyshire. He married Susan Bateman in 1817 and they had two daughters. He died in 1865.

Lydia Gould. She was born on 24 May 1795. On 22 September 1819 she was married to the Reverend Thomas Anderson 1795-1872, and they had three children. She died in 1854.

Joseph Gould. He was born in 1797, and became a clergyman in 1820. On 12 April 1821 he had married his cousin Lydia Gould, the only child of his uncle Nathaniel Gould 1756-1820, and they had two daughters.

Anne Gould. She was born on 16 December 1798, and died in 1855.

Harriet Gould. She was born on 28 April 1800, and was unmarried. She died in 1880.

Ellen Gould. She was born on 31 January 1802 at Northaw Place. On 19 June 1828 she was married to the Reverend John Egerton 1796-1876, and they had ten children. She died in 1862.

Philip Gould 1803-1890. He was born in 1803 at 73 Cheapside, the London home of his parents, and became a cotton merchant in Manchester. He married twice, first Louisa Pim in 1839, and secondly Mary Burrell in 1845. He had six children.

Susan Gould. She was born in 1805 at Cheapside. On 17 October 1838 she was married to Nathan Wetherell 1808-1887, and they had three daughters.

William Gould. He was born in 1807 in Cheapside. He became a clergyman in 1830, and married Elizabeth Pryor at Baldock in Hertfordshire in 1835. They had one daughter.

Frances Gould died on 6 January 1836 (2). Her husband had predeceased her in 1829. Northaw Place was put up for sale by auction (3).


(1) There was possibly another son, Francis Gould born in about 1791, who was of independent means living in the household of Susan Wetherell nee Gould in 1841.
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