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Cicely Hodgson 1733-1815

Cicely Hodgson
Born: 1733 Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Died: 1815 Cockshoot Lydiat, Hereford
Daniel Hodgson
Mary (surname unknown)
Thomas Hunt 1733-1811
Thomas Hunt 1761-
Mary Hunt 1762-1833
Daniel Hunt 1764-1779
Frances Hunt 1766-1836
John Hunt 1767-1769
William Hunt 1769-
Philip Hunt 1772-1838
William Hunt 1773-
Hodgson Hunt 1774-1775
All Saints Newcastle

All Saints Newcastle

St Nicholas Newcastle

St Nicholas Newcastle

Cicely Hodgson was born in 1733, the daughter of Daniel Hodgson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and his wife Mary (maiden surname unknown).

She was baptised on 21 August 1733 at St Nicholas church in that city.

She was married on 5 April 1760 to Thomas Hunt at All Saints church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He was an upholsterer by trade (1).

They had the following children, all baptised at St Nicholas church:

Thomas Hunt. He was baptised on 24 February 1761.

Mary Hunt. She was baptised on 24 June 1762. She was married to John Hall.

Daniel Hunt. Baptised on 8 February 1764, he died on 16 December 1779.

Frances Hunt. He was baptised on 16 August 1765. She was married to Thomas Gould 1752-1829 in 1784. She died in 1836.

John Hunt. He was baptised on 4 May 1767. He died on 5 October 1769.

William Hunt. He was baptised on 26 July 1769.

Philip Hunt. He was born on 1 January 1772 in Hertfordshire, and baptised on 31 January 1772. He died on 17 September 1838 in Aylsham Norfolk.

William Hunt. He was baptised on 17 August 1773.

Hodgson Hunt. He was baptised on 8 December 1774, and died on 20 March 1775.

Their mother Cicely Hunt died in 1815 at Cockshoot Lydiat in Herefordshire aged 81 years (2).

Her husband had predeceased her in 1811 (3).


(1) The Poll, at the Election of a Burgess to serve in Parliament for the Town and County of Newcastle Upon Tyne (1777) page 26. he voted for Sir John Trevelyan in that election. He was also entered as an upholsterer in the Poll Book for the 1774 Parliamentary Election.
(2) "Died.]... At Cockshoot Lydiat, Mrs. Hunt, widow of Thos. H. esq. 81.": The New Monthly Magazine volume 3 (1815) page 20; Hereford Journal 22 March 1815.
(3) "In his 79th year, Thomas Hunt, esq. of Cockshort [[sic] Lydiat, Herefordshire.": Gentleman's Magazine volume 109 (1811) page 94.