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Mary Hunt 1762-1833

Mary Hunt
Born: 1762 Newcastle
Died: 1833 Hereford
Thomas Hunt 1733-1811
Cicely Hodgson 1733-1815
Thomas Hunt 1761-
Daniel Hunt 1764-1779
Frances Hunt 1766-1836
John Hunt 1767-1769
William Hunt 1769-
Philip Hunt 1772-1838
William Hunt 1773-
Hodgson Hunt 1774-1775
John Hall
John Rose Hall 1790-1858
Frances Cicely Hall 1791-1863
Newcastle from the River Tyne 1832

Newcastle from the River Tyne 1832

Mary Hunt was born in 1752, the daughter of Thomas Hunt of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and his wife née Cicely Hodgson.

She was baptised on 24 June 1762 at St Nicholas' church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

On 1 June 1789 she was married in Newcastle-upon-Tyne to John Hall.

They had the following children:

John Rose Hall. He was born in 1790 and died in 1858.

Frances Cicely Hall. She was born in 1791 and baptised at St Nicholas' church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 30 October 1791. She was married to Samuel Moody Gethen on 20 March 1816 at Brimfield in Herefordshire. She died in 1863.

Their mother Mary Hall died on 27 May 1833 at Widemarsh Street in Hereford aged 71 years (1).


(1) "On Monday last, in Widemarsh-street, aged 71, Mrs. Mary Hall, late of Cockshoot Lydiat Brimfield, and mother of Mrs. Gethen, of this city": Hereford Times 1 June 1833.