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Ellen Gilbert 1722-1792

Ellen Gilbert
Born: 1722 at Cotton Hall
Died: 1792 at Bakewell
Thomas Gilbert 1688-1742
Elizabeth Philips 1691-1729
George Gilbert 1713-1713
Thomas Gilbert 1715-1716
Nathaniel Gilbert 1715-1716
Elizabeth Gilbert 1717-1776
John Gilbert 1718-1722
Thomas Gilbert 1720-1798
John Gilbert 1724-1795
Richard Gilbert 1725-1741
Mary Gilbert born 1726
Ann Gilbert 1727-1770
Joseph Gould 1715-1777 m 3 September 1747
William Gould 1748-1795
Anne Gould 1750-1753
Thomas Gould 1752-1829
Nathaniel Gould 1756-1820
Joseph Gould 1757-1821
John Gould 1759-1829
Richard Gould 1761-1766
George Gould 1763-1842
Lydia Gould 1767-1822

Ellen Gilbert was born in 1722, the daughter of Thomas Gilbert 1688-1742 of Cotton Hall in Staffordshire and his wife Elizabeth Philips 1691-1729. She was baptised at Alton in Staffordshire on 7 November 1722.

On 3 September 1747 she was married to Joseph Gould 1715-1777, the son of William Gould 1677-1772 and his wife Anne Morewood. He was baptised at Hartington on 25 October 1715. He lived in Bakewell in Derbyshire, and was a mercer by trade, a dealer in cloth and associated small wares. Joseph Gould died on 26 November 1777 and was buried at Bakewell on 30 December 1777.

Ellen Gilbert was the sister of Elizabeth Gilbert who was married to her husband's brother Richard Gould 1711-1762.

Her brothers Thomas Gilbert 1720-1798 and John Gilbert 1724-1795, land agents to the Marquess of Stafford and the Duke of Bridgewater, were important canal pioneers, working on many projects with James Brindley. Their waterways include the Duke of Bridgwater's Canal and the Trent and Mersey Canal. John Gilbert and Thomas Gilbert brought about very many industrial enterprises in eighteenth-century Staffordshire. They brought industry to the Churnet Valley and developed the Cauldon Low quarries, and had interests in the Ecton copper mines. Thomas Gilbert was Member of Parliament for Lichfield from 1768 to 1794, and introduced poor law reform. He inherited Cotton Hall, which he largely re-built.

Ellen Gould died on 8 July 1792 and was buried at Bakewell on 11 July 1792.

The children of Joseph and Ellen Gould (all baptised at Bakewell) were as follows:

William Gould 1748-1795.
Anne Gould 1750-1753. She was baptised on 9 November 1750.
Thomas Gould 1752-1829. He was baptised on 10 July 1752.
Nathaniel Gould 1756-1820. He was baptised on 13 August 1756.
Joseph Gould 1757-1821. He was baptised on 8 October 1757.
John Gould 1759-1829. He was baptised on 26 January 1759.
Richard Gould 1761-1766. He was baptised on 28 January 1761.
George Gould 1763-1842. He was baptised on 4 September 1763.
Lydia Gould 1767-1822. She was baptised on 20 November 1767.