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Charles Cadwallader Egerton 1831-1907

Charles Cadwallader Egerton
Born: 1831 Bunbury, Cheshire
Died: 1907 Norwich, Norfolk
John Egerton 1796-1876
Ellen Gould 1802-1862
John Coker Egerton 1829-1888
Philip Reginald Egerton 1832-1911
Hugh Aldersey Egerton 1834-1913
Ellen Mary Egerton 1835-1849
Lucy Egerton 1837-1900
Agnes Harriet Egerton 1838-1849
Thomas Gilbert Egerton 1840-1848
Elizabeth Augusta Egerton 1843-1917
Hubert Decimus Egerton 1848-1932
Caroline Boys 1852-1950
Edith Mary Egerton 1872-1894
Justin Reginald Egerton 1873-1969
Hubert Wingfield Egerton 1875-1950
Muriel Virginia Egerton 1884-
Olive Egerton 1886-1945
Charles C. Egerton

Charles C. Egerton

Weston Longville church

Weston Longville church

Charles Cadwallader Egerton was born on 21 January 1831 at Bunbury in Cheshire, the son of the Reverend John Egerton 1796-1876 and his wife née Ellen Gould.

He was educated at Winchester and New College in Oxford, graduating Bachelor of Arts in 1855 and Master of Arts in 1858. He was a Fellow of his college until 1871 (1).

Charles Cadwallader Egerton followed his father into the ministry of the Church of England, becoming Rector of Weston Longville in Norfolk on 12 November 1870 (1a).

This was the church that had earlier been that of the Reverend James Woodforde 1740-1803, whose diaries provide a vivid insight into English country life in the eighteenth century.

On 1 July 1871 the Reverend Charles Cadwallader Egerton married Caroline Boys 1852-1950 at Wing, Rutland (2). She was the daughter of the Reverend Charles Parkson Boys 1809-1898, Rector of Wing and his wife née Caroline Goodrich Dobbie.

They had the following children, all born at Weston Longville:

Edith Mary Egerton. She was born in 1872, and died in 1894 aged 21 years (3).

Justin Reginald Egerton. He was born in 1873, and died in 1969.

Hubert Wingfield Egerton. He was born in 1875. In 1904 he married Valerie Sorel Cameron, and died in 1950.

Muriel Virginia Egerton. She was born in 1884. In 1911 she was unmarried and employed as a cookery teacher by London County Council in Bermondsey, and living at Blackheath in London.

Olive Egerton. She was born in 1886, and was educated at Cheltenham Ladies College. In 1911 she was living in the household of her widowed uncle the Reverend Rhilip Reginald Egerton at Vale Mascal near North Cray in Kent. Her occupation was then stated as Masseuse. She died unmarried on 27 April 1945 at Lindfield in Sussex (4) aged 54 years.

Their father Charles Cadwallader Egerton died on 25 January 1907 at Norwich (5).

His widow Caroline Egerton died on 6 October 1950 (6).


The photograph of Charles Cadwallader Egerton on this page was kindly provided by Patrick Graham.
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