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Lucy Egerton 1837-1900

Lucy Egerton
Born: 1837 Bunbury, Cheshire
Died: 1900 Holton, Somerset
John Egerton 1796-1876
Ellen Gould 1802-1862
John Coker Egerton 1829-1888
Charles Cadwallader Egerton 1831-1907
Philip Reginald Egerton 1832-1911
Hugh Aldersey Egerton 1834-1913
Ellen Mary Egerton 1835-1849
Agnes Harriet Egerton 1838-1849
Thomas Gilbert Egerton 1840-1848
Elizabeth Augusta Egerton 1843-1917
Hubert Decimus Egerton 1848-1932
John James Campbell 1813-1882

Lucy Egerton was born in 1837 at Bunbury in Cheshire, the daughter of the Reverend John Egerton 1796-1876 and his wife née Ellen Gould 1802-1862.

On 19 August 1863 she was married to the Reverend John James Campbell 1813-1882 at Swanley parish church in Kent. He was born on 10 August 1813 at Cathcart in Scotland, the son of Alexander Campbell, and was the widowed Vicar of Great Tew in Oxfordshire. He was baptised on 4 October 1813.

When the 1871 Census was taken she was living at Great Tew vicarage with her husband. They had a manservant and two female domestic servants.

By 1881 they had moved to Farrs at Wimborne Minster in Dorset.

With them were her nephew Robert Curzon Moss King aged 9, and her nieces Geraldine Moss King aged 8, Lucy Moss King aged 6, and Margaret D'Este Moss King aged 4, the children of her sister Elizabeth Augusta Moss King nee Egerton, who was away in India with her husband. With them also in the household was a governess, nurse, cook and two housemaids.

In the following year her husband died on 29 March 1882 at Farrs (1), and by 1891 Lucy Campbell had moved to Lymington in Hampshire, where she was lodging at No. 1 Fair View in the household of John and Eliza Pattenden with a maid.

She died on 17 November 1900 aged 63 years at Holton House, Holton in Somerset (2).

She was buried on 20 November 1900 at Wimborne Minster.


(1) His Will was proved on 12 June 1882 at the Principal Registry in London by James Campbell of Fullwood Park in Liverpool, one of the executors: National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations) 1858-1966 (1882) page 20. Presumably he was his son.
(2) Her Will was proved on 28 December 1901 in London by her brother Hubert Decimus Egerton estate agent and Ralph Coker Adams Beck solicitor (and presumably a relative through her Coker grandmother): National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations) 1858-1966 (1901) page 10. Effects £15,187 5s 6d.