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Frances Mary Grant Hutchinson

Frances Mary Grant Hutchinson
Born: 1834 Cossipore, India
Died: 1913 Ealing, London
George Hutchinson 1793-1852
Elizabeth Harrington Thomason 1811-1894
Elizabeth Montier Hutchinson 1830-
Jane Georgiana Hutchinson 1832-1921
William Montgomery Hutchinson
Grace Anne Hutchinson
Henry Stephen Hutchinson
Robert Colin Hutchinson
James Bird Hutchinson 1844-
Thomason Sherer Hutchinson 1845-
Emily Catherine Montgomery Hutchinson 1848-
Amy Laura Hutchinson 1850-
Evelyn Dora Hutchinson 1853-
Joseph Gould 1834-1908
Reginald Thomason Gould 1869-1947
Florence Montgomery Gould 1870-1871
Winifred Mary Gould 1875-
Leonard McLeod Gould 1878-1928

Frances Mary Grant Hutchinson was born on 25 May 1834 at Cossipore, Calcutta in India, the second daughter of the late Lieut-Colonel George Hutchinson of the Bengal Engineers 1793-1852 and his second wife Elizabeth Harrington Thomason 1811-1894.

On 28 December 1865 she was married to the Reverend Joseph Gould 1834-1908 at St Stephen’s church Paddington in London. He was born in 1834, the son of Thomas Gould 1802-1869 and Frances Maria Gould nee Brookfield.

They had the following children, all born in Repton:

Reginald Thomason Gould 1869-1947.

Florence Montgomery Gould. She was born in 1870, and died in Conway in 1871.

Winifred Mary Gould. She was born in 1875.

Leonard McLeod Gould 1878-1928.

The Reverend Joseph Gould 1834-1908 was an assistant housemaster at Repton School at the time of his marriage. In 1865 the Old Mitre Inn was converted into a house for them (1).

By 1871 Joseph Gould was a housemaster himself, recorded as living in Long Street with his wife and family. Also resident in the house were 28 scholars aged from 12 to 17, a matron, cook, nurse, and four other female servants.

In 1881 the family were still in Repton, at The Cross. The household then comprised the parents, a daughter Winifred Mary Gould aged six (born at Repton) and son Leonard McLeod Gould aged two (born at Repton on 25 July 1878), 30 boarding scholars aged from twelve to seventeen, a matron, cook, nurse, four other female domestics, and a page boy. Reginald Gould was not listed in the Census Return, being away as a boarding pupil at Harborne Vicarage in Staffordshire, prior to entering Repton School

Joseph Gould retired in 1889, having served for thirty years at Repton School.

By 1891 he and his wife were living at the Vicarage in Great Bourton in Oxfordshire, where Joseph Gould was curate in charge of the parish. Later in 1891 they moved to Beachampton in Buckinghamshire (now part of Milton Keynes) when Joseph became vicar of the college living there from 1891 to 1903.

The Reverend Joseph Gould died at 6 Westbury Road in Ealing on 22 May 1908.

In 1911 his widow was still living at that address, together with her unmarried daughter Winifred Mary Gould (2).

She died in 1913 aged 78 years.


(1) Records and Reminiscences of Repton G.S. Messiter (1907) page 7.
(2) With them was her great-niece Vera Christine Sawyer, born in 1887 in Simla, India. She was recorded as being a Private Secretary.