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James Bird Hutchinson

James Bird Hutchinson
Born: 1844 India
Died: 1921 Camberley, Surrey
George Hutchinson 1793-1852
Elizabeth Harrington Thomason 1811-1894
Elizabeth Montier Hutchinson 1830-
Frances Mary Grant Hutchinson 1834-1913
Jane Georgiana Hutchinson 1833-
William Montgomery Hutchinson
Grace Anne Hutchinson
Henry Stephen Hutchinson 1841-
Robert Colin Hutchinson
Thomason Sherer Hutchinson 1845-
Emily Catherine Montgomery Hutchinson 1848-
Amy Laura Hutchinson 1850-
Evelyn Dora Hutchinson 1853-
Annie Charlotte Rose 1852-1924
Helen Bethen Hutchinson 1870-
Maude Montgomery Hutchinson 1871-1872
Eileen Dorothy Hutchinson 1890-
and five others

James Bird Hutchinson was born on 22 March 1844 in India, the son of Lieut-Colonel George Hutchinson of the Bengal Engineers 1793-1852 and his second wife Elizabeth Harrington Thomason 1811-1894. They retired to live at Ross House, Clarence Square in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

He attended Cheltenham College as a day boy from August 1860 to June 1862, when he embarked on a military career.

He was appointed an Ensign in the 82nd Regiment of Foot in 1863, and a Lieutenant in the Bengal Staff Corps in 1866. He went on the achieve the rank of Captain in 1875, Major in 1883 and Lieut-Colonel in 1889.

In 1890 he was Deputy Commissioner at Mooltan in Punjab (1).

He married Annie Charlotte Rose on 18 November 1869 at Lahore (2). She was born in 1852 in India, the daughter of General Hugh Rose and his wife nee Anna Maria Short. She was the sister of Evelyn Somerville Chester Rose who was married to his brother Henry Stephen Hutchinson on 14 September 1867.

They the following children

Helen Bethen Hutchinson. She was born on 2 October 1870 at Lahore in India, and was married on 9 March 1895 at Lahore Cathedral to Arthur Watson Pennington. He was born in 1867 in India and was a Major in the Indian Army. They had a daughter Phyliis Helen Pennington born in India in 1900.

Maude Montgomery Hutchinson born 27 October 1871 at Dalhousie and died 17 September 1872 at Dalhousie aged 10 months

Son 24 January 1878 born at Jhelum

Son 21 November 1884 born at Bedford

Daughter 8 May 1889 born at Dalhousie

Son 28 July 1879 born at Murree

Eileen Dorothy Hutchinson 1890-

and one other child.

In 1911 Lt. Col. James Bird Hutchinson and his wife were living in retirement at Jhandra Ghat, Castle Road, Camberley in Surrey. With them then was their unmarried daughter Eileen Dorothy Hutchinson, and also their married daughter Helen Bethen Pennington and her husband and daughter.

Lt. Col. James Bird Hutchinson died at Camberley in 1921 aged 77 years.
His wife died at Hampstead in London in 1924 aged 73 years.


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(2) "November 18th at Lahore by the Rev. B.M. Behr Chaplain of Amritsar assisted by the Rev. H. Murray Chaplain, James Bird Hutchinson, Lieut. Bengal Staff Corps, Assistant Commissioner Goodaspore, to Annie the second daughter of Lieut-Colonel Hugh Rose, Superintendent Engineer, Allahabad, NWP." The Times of India dated 25 November 1869.