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George Hutchinson 1793-1852

George Hutchinson
Born: 1793
Died: 1852
Thomas Hutchinson
Jane Walker
Thomas Frederick Hutchinson 1788-1831
Martha Williams
Elizabeth Harrington Thomason 1811-1894
By Martha Williams:
George Hutchinson 1826-1900
By Elizabeth Harrington Thomason:
Elizabeth Montier Hutchinson 1830-1905
Jane Georgiana Hutchinson 1832-1921
Frances Mary Grant Hutchinson 1834-1913
William Montgomery Hutchinson
Grace Anne Hutchinson
Henry Stephen Hutchinson 1841-
Robert Colin Hutchinson
James Bird Hutchinson 1844-1921
Thomason Sherer Hutchinson 1845-1922
Emily Catherine Montgomery Hutchinson 1848-
Amy Laura Hutchinson 1850-
Evelyn Dora Esdaile Hutchinson 1852-

George Hutchinson was born on 19 June 1793, the son of Thomas Hutchinson and Jane Walker.

On 20 March 1823 he married Martha Williams (1). They had a son George Hutchinson 1826-1900 who was born at sea on 18 March 1826 when his parents were sailing to England. His mother died on 1 April 1826 (2).

George Hutchinson, by then a Captain, married Elizabeth Harrington Thomason on 20 January 1830 in the Cathedral at Calcutta in India (3). She was born on 23 September 1811, the daughter of the Reverend Thomas Truebody Thomason and his wife nee Elizabeth Fawcett. She was baptised on 15 December 1811.

By 1830 he was a Lieut-Colonel in the Bengal Engineers. He served with the army at Sutlej in 1846, in the Indian Mutiny 1857-1858, in the defence and capture of Lucknow and the defence of the Alum Bash. He was Chief Engineer to Sir James Outram. He was frequently mentioned in despatches, specially reported by the Governor-General, and received the special approbation of Queen Victoria. He was created a Companion of the Star of India in 1869, and a Companion of the Order of the Bath in 1875. His home address was Holmleigh, Mount Park Hill, Ealing, London W. (4)

George and Elizabeth Hutchinson had the following children:

Elizabeth Montier Hutchinson. She was born on 11 November 1830, and was baptised at Cossipore near Calcutta in India on 2 January 1831. She lived at Hove in Sussex, and died on 18 November 1905. Her will was proved on 9 February 1906.

Jane Georgiana Hutchinson. She was born on 12 May 1832, and baptised on 8 July at Cossipore. She was married to the Reverend Algernon Sidney Grenfell 1836-1887 on 31 July 1862 at Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, and was the mother of Wilfred Thomason Grenfell. She died in 1921.

Frances Mary Grant Hutchinson 1834-1913. Born on 25 May 1834 at Cossipore (5), she was married on 28 December 1865 at St Stephen’s church Paddington in London to the Reverend Joseph Gould 1834-1908, the son of Thomas Gould 1802-1869 and Frances Maria Gould nee Brookfield.

William Montgomery Hutchinson.

Grace Anne Hutchinson.

Henry Stephen Hutchinson. He was born in 1841 in Camden Town, London. On 14 September 1867 he married Evelyn Somerville Chester Rose 1850-1936 at Murree, Bengal in India. She was born at Simla in India on 19 January 1850, the daughter of General Hugh Rose 1822-1901 and his wife nee Anna Maria Short (born in about 1825 In Dublin). She died in 1936 in Kensington, London aged 86 years.

Robert Colin Hutchinson.

James Bird Hutchinson 1844-1921. On 18 November 1869 he married Annie Charlotte Rose at Lahore in India (6). She was the sister of Evelyn Somerville Chester Rose who was married to his brother Henry Stephen Hutchinson.

Thomason Sherer Hutchinson 1845-1922. In 1885 he married Fanny Touch at Paddington in London. She was born in 1859 in Nagpur, Central India.

Emily Catherine Montgomery Hutchinson. She was born on 26 March 1848 in France. On 6 November 1884 she was married at St Matthew's church Bayswater in London to the Reverend Henry Rutherford, rector of Hartford in Devon, eldest son of the late Lt Col Rutherford of the Bengal Army, India. The ceremony was conducted by the bride's brother the Reverend Thomason Sherer Hutchinson (7). This was a double wedding, her sister Evelyn Dora Esdaile Hutchinson being married then also.

Amy Laura Hutchinson. She was born in 1850.

Evelyn Dora Esdaile Hutchinson. She was born in 1852. On 6 November 1884 she was married at St Matthew's church Bayswater in London to the Reverend Frederick Hamilton Spencer, the youngest son of the Reverend Seymour Mills Spencer (Church Missionary Society) of New Zealand. The ceremony was conducted by the bride's brother the Reverend Thomason Sherer Hutchinson (8). This was a double wedding, her sister Emily Catherine Montgomery Hutchinson being married then also.

Lieut-Colonel George Hutchinson and his wife retired to Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, where they lived at Ross House in Clarence Square. George Hutchinson died on 28 August 1852, and was buried at Cheltenham.

When the 1861 Census was taken, his widow Elizabeth Harrington Hutchinson was still living at Ross House in Cheltenham, with her daughters Jane, Frances, Emily and Amy and sons James and Thomason, all then unmarried, together with a governess for the three younger daughters, and four female domestic servants. Her sons were then attending Cheltenham College (9).

She died on 26 June 1894 at 37 Daleham Gardens, South Hampstead in London in her 83rd year (10).


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