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William George Yates 1863-1891

William George Yates
Born: 1863 Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester
Died: 1891 Didsbury, Manchester
Samuel Yates 1831-1901
Mary McMullen 1832-1890
Harry Yates 1859-1941
Arthur Yates 1861-1926
Ellen Yates 1863-1946
Ernest Yates 1866-1947
Mary Yates 1870-1924
Percy Yates 1873-1936
Harriet Ada Yates 1874-1874
Lizzie Carrington Smith 1866-1942
John Carrington Yates 1891-1918

William George Yates was born on 21 September 1863 at Chorlton-cum-Hardy in Manchester, the son of Samuel Yates 1831-1901 of Manchester and his wife née Mary McMullen 1832-1890. His father was a seed merchant trading in the city.

In 1888 he married Lizzie Carrington Smith 1866-1942. She was the daughter of Thomas Carrington Smith (1) and his wife nee Martha Carrington, and the granddaughter of Elizabeth Carrington 1809-1873. When the Census was taken in 1891 William George Yates and his wife were living at 9 Queens Road, Didsbury in Manchester.

They had a son John Carrington Yates born at Didsbury in 1891. He served in the Territorial Army, enlisting in 1912, and as Lieutenant in the 166th Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery during the First World War. He was killed in action on 21 March 1918, and was buried in the Faubourg-d´Amiens Cemetery at Arras in France.

William George Yates died at his home on 28 July 1891 aged only 27 years. Probate of his Will was granted on 31 December 1891 at Manchester to his widow and his brother Harry Yates (2).

Signature on 1911 Census Return

Signature on 1911 Census Return

In her widowhood in 1911 Lizzie Carrington Yates nee Smith lived at 25 Belfield Road in Didsbury with her son and her unmarried sister Margaret Eddowes Smith.

She died in Manchester in 1942 aged 76 years.

(1) Thomas Carrington Smith was the brother of Mary Jane Smith 1845-1883 who was married to Frank Wright 1842-1913, maternal uncle of Nat Gould.
(2) "31 December. The Will of William George Yates late of 9 Queen's-road Didsbury in the County of Lancaster Salesman who died 28 July 1891 at 9 Queen's-road was proved at Manchester by Lizzie Carrington Yates of 9 Queen's-road Widow the Relict and Harry Yates of the Headlands Didsbury Salesman the Brother the Executors." Personal Estate £749 0s 4d. England and Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations) 1858-1966 (1891) page 537.