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Harry Yates 1859-1941

Harry Yates
Born: 1859 Didsbury, Manchester
Died: 1941 Didsbury, Manchester
Samuel Yates 1831-1901
Mary McMullen 1832-1890
Arthur Yates 1861-1926
Ellen Yates 1863-1946
William George Yates 1863-1891
Ernest Yates 1866-1947
Mary Yates 1870-1924
Percy Yates 1873-1936
Harriet Ada Yates 1874-1874
Gertrude Margaret Smith 1873-1953
Samuel Yates 1906-
Harry Yates 1907-
William Yates 1909-

Harry Yates was born on 12 December 1859 at Stretford in Manchester, the son of Samuel Yates 1831-1901 of Manchester and his wife née Mary McMullen 1832-1890. His father was a seed merchant trading in the city.

His younger brothers Arthur Yates 1861-1926 and Ernest Yates 1866-1947 emigrated to Australia and New Zealand, and set up in business there as seed merchants, but Harry Yates joined (and eventually took over) the family firm in Manchester based at 75 Shudehill.

In 1904 he married Gertrude Margaret Smith 1873-1953. She was born at Alton in Staffordshire, the daughter of John Smith 1835-1912 of Sponds Farm in Alton and his wife née Margaret Wood born at Grendon in Warwickshire in 1842. Born in Blore, Staffordshire, he farmed 180 acres employing three labourers. In 1901 she had been visiting Percy Yates at 2 Heath Villas in Didsbury and his wife Edith, who were to become her in-laws three years later when she was married to Harry Yates, brother of Percy Yates (1).

They had the following children, all born in West Didsbury, Manchester:

Samuel Yates. He was born in 1906.

Harry Yates. He was born in 1907.

William Yates. He was born in 1909.

Signature on 1911 Census Return

Signature on 1911 Census Return

Their father Harry Yates died on 10 March 1941 at The Headlands, West Didsbury in Manchester aged 81 years.

Probate of his Will was granted on 23 July 1941 to his widow and his sons Samuel Yates and Harry Yates (2).


(1) The sister of John Smith was Mary Jane Smith 1845-1883, the wife of Frank Wright 1842-1913 uncle of Nat Gould.
(2) "YATES Harry of 75 Shudehill and The Headlands Barlow Moor road West Didsbury both in Manchester died 10 March 1941 at The Headlands Probate Manchester 23 July to Gertrude Margaret Yates widow and Samuel Yates and Harry Yates seed merchants. Effects £10956 2s 6d. Resworn £18851 9s 3d." England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations) 1858-1966 (1941) page 533.