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Percy Yates 1873-1936

Percy Yates
Born: 1873 Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester
Died: 1936 Hale, Cheshire
Samuel Yates 1831-1901
Mary McMullen 1832-1890
Harry Yates 1859-1941
Arthur Yates 1861-1926
Ellen Yates 1863-1946
William George Yates 1863-1891
Ernest Yates 1866-1947
Mary Yates 1870-1924
Harriet Ada Yates 1874-1874
Edith Wright 1872-1958
Francis Yates 1902-1994
Edna Mary Yates 1904-1999
Ruth Edith Yates 1906-
Margaret Yates 1908-
Olive Yates 1910-

Percy Yates was born on at in Manchester, the son of Samuel Yates 1831-1901 of Manchester and his wife née Mary McMullen 1832-1890. His father was a seed merchant trading in the city.

In 1898 he married Edith Wright 1872-1958 at Osmaston church near Ashbourne in Derbyshire. She was born on 26 March 1872, the daughter of Frank Wright 1842-1913 and sister of Mary Elizabeth Wright who was married to his brother Ernest Yates.

When the Census was taken in 1911 they were living at The Heys, Delaheys Road, Hale in Cheshire.

They had the following children:

Francis Yates. He was born in 1902 at Didsbury in Manchester. He became a staticist and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1948 (1). He died in 1994.

Edna Mary Yates. She was born in 1904 at Didsbury. In 1928 she was married to Lindley Henshaw 1893-1977, and they had three daughters. He was a well known rock climber (2) and was awarded the Military Cross during the First World War (3). They divorced and both remarried. As Edna Oakeshott she became an educational psychologist and psychoanalyst, and wrote several books (4). She died in 1999 (5).

Ruth Edith Yates. She was born in 1906 at Hale.

Margaret Yates. She was born in 1908 at Hale.

Olive Yates. She was born in 1910 at Hale.

Their father Percy Yates died on 4 October 1936.

His Will was proved on 8 January 1937 (6).

His wife Edith Yates née Wright died on 28 July 1958, and was buried at at Osmaston near Ashbourne in Derbyshire.


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