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Edmund Gould 1851-1895

Edmund Gould
Born: 1851 at Macclesfield, South Australia
Died: 1895 at Macclesfield, South Australia
William Gould 1819-1876
Harriet Grace 1825-1888
Charles Gould 1853-1889
William Gould 1854-1924
Nathaniel Gould 1856-1941
Mary Elizabeth Gould 1858-1859
Gilbert Gould 1860-1861
Emily Louisa Humphrey 1852-1928
William Herbert Gould 1874-1882
Mary Grace Gould 1876-1947
Edith Hannah Gould 1879-1939
Edmund Humphrey Gould 1882-1942
William Winspear Gould 1884-1940
Percival Sydney Gould 1888-1943

Edmund Gould was born on 29 July 1851 at Macclesfield in South Australia, the son of William Gould 1819-1876 and his wife nee Harriet Grace 1825-1888.

On 15 October 1873 he married Emily Louisa, daughter of Thomas Humphrey and his wife nee Hannah Watkins in the residence of her father dist Strath (1). She was born in 1852 in Finniss, South Australia.

They had the following children:

William Herbert Gould 1874-1882. He was born on 4 August 1874 at Mulgundawa in South Australia, and died on 21 February 1882 at Hd. of Mount Muirhead in South Australia (2).

Mary Grace Gould 1876-1947. She was born on 28 May 1876, and died on 13 August 1947.

Edith Hannah Gould 1879-1939. She was born on 31 March 1879, and died on 21 February 1939.

Edmund Humphrey Gould 1882-1942. He was born on 2 February 1882 in the homestead of Joyce, South Australia. He died on 29 July 1942 at Naracoorte in South Australia, and was buried on 30 July 1942 in Lucindale, South Australia.

William Winspear Gould 1884-1940. He was born on 17 August 1884, and died on 15 September 1940.

Percival Sydney Gould 1888-1943. He was born on 24 April 1888, and died on 6 September 1943.

Edmund Gould died on 29 Jun 1895 in Adelaide, South Australia, and was buried there on 30 June 1895 (3).

"Lucindale June 29
Quite a gloom was cast over our township on Saturday afternoon when the sad news of the sudden death of Mr. E. Gould, of Conmurra, was made known here. The deceased, who had been a member of the local District Council for nearly three years, attended a special meeting of the Council on Monday, June 17, and appeared in the best of health. On this day also the nominations for the different wards took place, and there being competition in several of the wards a little excitement was thrown into the coming elections, and the deceased throwing his whole energy into the election for one of the wards caused him to become more exited than usual. As the time for the election was drawing nearer his excitement became more intense, the unfortunate result being that it caused a slight derangement of his mental faculties, which grew from bad to worse until he had to be taken to Narracoorte by train on Wednesday last to seek medical assistance. The doctor consulted advised that he should go to Adelaide, which he did by Thursday`s train, but his illness must have taken a fatal hold upon him, for he died on Saturday morning. The deceased, who was of a genial disposition, was liked and respected throughout the whole of the district and great sympathy is felt for his wife and family" (4).

Emily Louisa Gould died on 18 December 1928 in Lucindale, and was buried there on 19 December 1928.


(1) The report in the Chronicle dated 18 October 1873 reads: "Marriage - Gould - Humphrey - On the 15th October at the residence of the bride`s father, near Langhornes Creek by Mr. T.G.Gore MA. Mr. Edmund Gould to Emily Louisa, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Humphrey."
(2) His death certificate erroneously names his father as Edwin Gould.
(3) "Death-Gould-On the 29th June at the Private Hospital, Adelaide, Edmund the beloved husband of
Emily Gould of Conmurra, aged 44 years leaving a wife and five children to mourn their loss." Chronicle 6 July 1895.
(4) Narracoorte Herald June 29 1895.