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William Gould 1854-1924

William Gould
Born: 1854 at Adelaide, South Australia
Died: 1924 at Naracoote, South Australia
William Gould 1819-1876
Harriet Grace 1825-1888
Edmund Gould 1851-1895
Charles Gould 1853-1889
Nathaniel Gould 1856-1941
Mary Elizabeth Gould 1858-1859
Gilbert Gould 1860-1861
Sarah Powell 1861-1906
Hannah Gould 1881-1963
William Wolseley Gould 1884-1968
Lucy Gould 1888-1901
Sidney Gould 1891-1892
Ruby Gould 1897-1920
Alice Gould 1900-1981

William Gould was born on 1 November 1854 in Adelaide, South Australia, the son of William Gould 1819-1876 and his wife nee Harriet Grace 1825-1888.

On 1 November 1880 he married Sarah Powell (1), daughter of Edward Henry Powell and Hannah Cleggett (2), in the Wesleyan Church at Langhorne Creek, South Australia. She was born on 16 March 1861, and was baptised on 20 February 1862 in Blakiston, South Australia.

William Gould 1854-1924 died in an accident on 14 February 1924 in Naracoorte, and was buried there on 15 February 1924 (3).

His wife Sarah Gould had died on 4 July 1906 in Naracoorte, and was buried there on 6 July 1906 (4).

William and Sarah Gould had the following children:

Hannah Gould 1881-1963. She was born on 27 November 1881, and died on 17 November 1963.

William Wolseley Gould 1884-1968. He was born on 3 February 1884, and died on 3 June 1968.

Lucy Gould 1888-1901. She was born on 9 December 1888 in Wolseley, South Australia, and died there on 7 February 1901 (5).

Sidney Gould 1891-1892. He was born on 3 December 1891 in Wolseley, and died there on 15 February 1892.

Ruby Gould 1897-1920. She was born on 26 June 1897 in Wolseley. On 16 February 1920 Ruby Gould was married in William Gould's private residence in Naracoorte to Victor Ralph Reed, of Amor Street, Mount Gambier. He was born on
7 December 1898, the son of Ralph Reed and Anna Othelia Klearin at Murray Bridge in South Australia. He died on 1 January 1948. Ruby Reed died on 27 July 1920 in Mount Gambier, South Ausralia, and was buried in Narracoorte (6).

Alice Gould 1900-1981. She was born on 19 September 1900, and died on 3 October 1981.


(1) The notices in the local newspapers the Observer and the Chronicle both dated 13 November 1880 read: "Marriage - Gould - Powell - On the 1st November at the Weslyan Church, Langhornes Creek by the Rev. John Gillingham, William 3rd son of the late W. Gould of Macclesfield to Sarah 2nd daughter of Mr. Edward Henry Powell of Langhornes Creek."
(2) See From Kent To South Australia - A History Of The Cleggett Families.
(3) The report in the Narracoorte Herald dated 15 February 1924 reads: "Tragic Death of Mr. W. Gould. Believed to have been gored by a bull. The people of Narracoorte were shocked on learning on Thursday morning that Mr. W. Gould, J.P., a well known and respected resident of the place had met his death through, it is believed, being attacked by a bull on his farm on the Sandstone Quarry road near Narracoorte. There was no one actually saw what occurred, but everything points to the deceased having been gored by a bull that belonged to his own herd. It appears that Mr. Gould was up first early on Thursday morning, and went down to the paddock for the cows. He called out and woke his daughter Alice before leaving.
Some time after when she got up her father had not returned, and on going down towards the paddock she found the bull and the cows in the yard, and her father lying dead some distance away. The body bore every evidence of being horned by the bull, and was badly mangled. The services of Dr. Pavy were summoned, and he later reported the matter to M. C. Giles, who was yesterday investigating the matter, and will report the particulars to a coroner, but it is not likely that an inquest will be necessary.
The bull has frightened several persons by his vicious habits, and it is stated has caused some to make a hasty retreat, but his owner (Mr. Gould) was never afraid of the beast, and it did not seem to trouble him. It is surmised that while Mr. Gould was driving the cows home the bull attacked him from behind.
The late Mr. W. Gould came to Narracoorte Estate land, re-purchased by the Government for closer settlement, was allotted 21 years ago, having obtained a block on the Sandstone Quarry road, a mile or so north of the town. He has been engaged in farming there ever since where he established a comfortable home. Mr. Gould came to Narracoorte from Wolseley, where he carried on business as a blacksmith for a number of years, and took a prominent part in the public life of the place. He took a keen interest in horticulture, and was a regular exhibitor at the shows here. He also acted as judge at several shows. His wife died some years ago. The family living are Mrs. W. Parsons, Miss Alice Gould, and Mr. William Gould, all of Narracoorte. Mr. Gould was of a genial disposition, and had gained the esteem and respect of all he came in contact with for his unassuming manner and uprightness of character."
The report in the Observer dated 24 February 1924 reads: "Death Gould, on February 14, at Narracoorte, William Gould, beloved father of William and Alice Gould and Annie Parsons. Age 69. Accidently killed. Late of Wolseley."
(4) The report in the local newspaper the Chronicle dated 14 July 1906 reads: "Death - Gould - On the 4th July at Naracoorte, Sarah the dearly beloved wife of William Gould, aged 45 years late of Wolseley."
That in the Naracoorte Herald dated 6 July 1906 reads: "Death of Mrs. W. Gould.- We regret to record the death of Mrs. Sarah Gould, wife of Mr. W. Gould, farmer, near Narracoorte, which sad event occurred in the Narracoorte Hospital on Wednesday evening. Mrs. Gould entered the institution about a fortnight ago to undergo an operation of a serious nature for an inward malignant complaint. The operation was performed by the medical staff of the institution on Monday, but not withstanding every skill and attention the patient passed away on Wednesday night. Mrs. Gould came to reside in Narracoorte with her husband about three years ago, and was previously a resident of Wolseley for many years. She was of a genial disposition, and made a number of friends in the district. Mrs. Gould, who was 47 years of age, leaves a husband and a family of four children, two of whom are grown up. Much sympathy is felt for them in their sad bereavement. The funeral takes place this afternoon, the cortege leaving the Hospital at 2 o`clock."
(5) The report in the Chronicle dated 16 February 1901 reads: "Death - Gould - On the 7th February at Wolseley, suddenly, Lucy, the second beloved daughter of William and Sarah Gould. Aged 12 years."
(6) The reports in the Narracoorte Herald dated 30 July 1920 reads: "Death - Reed - On July 27, at Sister Howard-Jone`s Private Hospital, Ruby, the dearly beloved wife of Victor Ralph Reed, of Amor Street, Mount Gambier, second daughter of William Gould, of Narracoorte. Aged 23 years. Loved by all and sadly missed."
"Death of Mrs. V. Reed We regret to record the death of Mrs. Ruby Reed, wife of Mr. Victor Reed, of Mount Gambier, which occurred there on Tuesday morning, after a short illness. The deceased was the second eldest daughter of Mr. W. Gould, of Narracoorte, and was 23 years of age. She was married in Narracoorte seven months ago. Previous to going to reside at Mount Gambier Mr. and Mrs. Vic. Reed were residents of Narracoorte, and the news of the death of Mrs. Reed, when made known here, caused genuine sorrow. The deceased before her marriage was connected for several years with the staff of Messrs. Fullarton and Blackwell. She was of a kindly disposition, and well liked. Her remains were conveyed to Narracoorte by train on Wednesday morning, the cortege leaving the railway station after the arrival of the train. The Rev. W. M. Corden conducted the service at the grave, where a large number of relatives and friends assembled to pay the last tribute of respect. Mr. A. J. Giddings carried out the mortuary arrangements."