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William Oswald Milne 1847-1927

William Oswald Milne 1847-1927
Born: 1847 Holme Hale, Norfolk
Died: 1927
Henry Milne 1815-1880
Susan Gould 1821-1905
The Reverend Richard Henry Milne 1844-1889
William Oswald Milne 1847-1927
Frances Alice Milne 1848-1913
Eliza Catherine Milne 1851-1938
Harriett Ellen Milne 1853-1930
Charles Milne 1857-
Susan Caroline Milne 1859-1939
Sarah C. Milne 1860-
Louisa Katherine Partridge 1847-
William Edward Stratfield Milne 1880-
Oswald Partridge Milne 1881-1968
Edith Louisa Milne 1882-
Charles Stephen Milne 1884-
Margaret Eleanor Milne 1887-

William Oswald Milne was born in 1847 at Holme Hale in Norfolk, the son of Henry Milne 1815-1880 and his wife nee Susan Gould 1821-1905.

He married Louisa Katherine Partridge in 1879 at Wayland in Norfolk, She was born in 1847, the daughter of Frederick Robert Partridge 1815-1878 and his wife nee Emma Rippingall 1822-1972.

They had the following children:

William Edward Stratfield Milne. He was born in 1880 at Clapham, London.

Oswald Partridge Milne. He was born in February 1881 at Balham in London, and died on 15 Jan 1968.

Edith Louisa Milne. She was born in 1882 at Balham. She was baptised on 3 July 1882 at St Luke's church in Battersea, London.

Charles Stephen Milne. He was born in 1884 at Balham.

Margaret Eleanor Milne. She was born in 1887 at Enfield.

William Oswald Milne became an architect. He was a pupil of Sir Arthur William Blomfield, and did much work in his native Norfolk, although based in London. From 1875 he was in practice in Great Marlborough Street, moving later to Chancery Lane. From 1890 to 1902 he was in partnership with Joseph Compton Hall 1863-1937. He restored and extended several churches, including Ashburnham (1894 with J.C. Hall), St Augustine in Brighton (1913-14), St Michael in Eastbourne, Ocklynge (1910), Ticehurst (1902 with J.C. Hall), and Warbleton (1882). He also designed hotels, houses and schools.

Among the schools were the building he designed at Bloxham School in Oxfordshire for his cousin the Reverend Philip Reginald Egerton, the founder and headmaster. Built in 1874, it is of restrained design, except for a projecting oriel window with a pleasant view of the playing field and school, and faced, like all Egerton's buildings, in Hornton stone. Inside were rooms for housekeeper and nurse, as well as wards for patients in a well considered plan (2).

His son Oswald Partridge Milne joined the practice in 1906, which he continued until until 1916. His work included some of the main interiors of Claridge's Hotel in London.

William Oswald Milne died in 1927.


(1) A History of Bloxham School B.S. Smith (1978).
(2) The plans were exhibited at the Royal Academy, and it is said to be the only school building to receive a commendation in The Buildings of England: Oxfordshire (1975) N. Pevsner and J. Sherwood.