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Susan Caroline Milne 1859-1939

Susan Caroline Milne
Born: 1859 Holme Hale, Norfolk
Died: 1939 North Walsha, Norfolk
Henry Milne 1815-1880
Susan Gould 1821-1905
The Reverend Richard Henry Milne 1844-1889
William Oswald Milne 1847-1927
Frances Alice Milne 1848-1913
Eliza Catherine Milne 1851-1938
Harriett Ellen Milne 1853-1930
Charles Milne 1857-
Sarah C. Milne 1860-
Heathcote Gordon Winter 1858-1946
Norah A. Winter 1889-
John Winter 1892-
Charity Winter 1896-

Susan Caroline Milne was born 1859 at Holme Hale in Norfolk, the daughter of the Reverend Henry Milne 1815-1880, rector of the parish, and his wife nee Susan Gould 1821-1905.

In 1886 she was married to Heathcote Gordon Winter, born in 1858 at Litcham in Norfolk, the son of the Reverend George William Winter, rector of Litcham with East Lexham in Norfolk. and his wife nee Harriet Price Charity Jex-Blake (1).

They had the following children, all born in Cromer, Norfolk:

Norah A. Winter. She was born in 1889.

John Winter. He was born in 1892. In 1911 he was a law student.

Charity Winter. She was born in 1896. She was known in the family as Cherry.

In 1891 the family were living at Suffield Park School in Overstrand, Cromer in Norfolk, where Heathcote Gordon Winter was the headmaster. There were then fourteen boarding pupils and five female domestic servants. Ten years later the school had grown to having 28 boarding pupils, with a governess for their family, an assistant schoolmaster, matron, cook and four female domestic servants.

By 1911 the school had 35 boarding pupils, with an assistant master, matron, cook, five female domestic servants and one male servant. The school had 32 rooms. Susan Caroline Milne and Heathcote Gordon Winter had been married for 24 years, and had four children, of whom three were then living.

Susan Caroline Winter died in 1939 at North Walsham in Norfolk aged 80 years.
Her husband Heathcote Gordon Winter died there in 1939 aged 89 years.


(1) Harriet Price Charity Jex-Blake was the first cousin of Thomas William Jex-Blake 1832-1915, Headmaster of Rugby School and later Dean of Wells, and his sister Dr. Sophia Louisa Jex-Blake, the pioneering woman doctor and feminist. Their fathers were brothers: Robert Ferrier Jex-Blake 1789-1862 and Thomas Jex-Blake 1790-1868 respectively, sons of William Jex-Blake 1758-1843 of Swanton Abbots in Norfolk and his wife nee Catherine Ferrier 1765-1815 of Starston in Norfolk.