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Eliza Catherine Milne 1851-1938

Eliza catherine Milne
Born: 1851 Holme Hale, Norfolk
Died: 1938 Worthing, Sussex
Henry Milne 1815-1880
Susan Gould 1821-1905
The Reverend Richard Henry Milne 1844-1889
William Oswald Milne 1847-1927
Frances Alice Milne 1848-1913
Harriett Ellen Milne 1853-1930
Charles Milne 1857-
Susan Caroline Milne 1859-1939
Sarah C. Milne 1860-

Eliza Catherine Milne was born in 1851 at Holme Hale in Norfolk, daughter of the Reverend Henry Milne 1815-1880 rector of the parish, and his wife nee Susan Gould 1821-1905.

After her father died, she moved with her mother and sisters Frances and Harriet Milne to Derrington, St Michael's Road, Worthing in Sussex. She was unmarried.

She died at Worthing in 1938, and was buried at Holme Hale.