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Ellen Lydia Richarda Wetherell

Ellen Lydia Richarda Wetherell
Born: 1843
Died: 1915
Nathan Wetherell
Susan Gould 1805-1879
Susan Margaret Wetherell 1840-1911
Harriet Elizabeth Wetherell 1847-1921
Edward Ommanney Capron Hollist 1838-1924
May Capron Hollist 1867-1947
Lilian Capron Hollist 1869-1942
Ella Capron Hollist 1872-1891
Anthony May Capron Hollist 1873-1915
Gerald Wetherell Capron Hollist 1877-1922
Hollist Arms

Hollist Arms

Ellen Lydia Richarda Wetherell was born on 27 June 1842 at Pashley House, Ticehuirst in Sussex, the daughter of Nathan Wetherell and his wife née Susan Gould 1805-1879. She was baptised on 28 July 1842 in Old St. Pancras Church in London.

On 29 June 1865 she was married to Edward Ommanney Capron Hollist at Ticehurst. He was born in 1838 at Lodsworth in Sussex, the son of Hasler Capron Hollist and his wife née Frances Georgiana Ommaney. He died on 28 Mar 1924. He was a Captain serving in the Royal Artillery in 1871 and a retired Lieutenant-Colonel in 1881.

They lived at Lodsworth House. Their children were:

May Capron Hollist. She was born in 1867 at Lodsworth,, and died in 1947.

Lilian Capron Hollist. She was born in 1869 at Ticehurst, and died in 1942.

Ella Capron Hollist. She was born in 1872 at Plumstead in Kent, and died 1891 aged 19 years.

Anthony May Capron Hollist. He was born in 1873 at Plumstead. He served in the First World War as Captain in the East Kent Regiment, and was killed in action at Loos on 27 September 1915.

Gerald Wetherell Capron Hollist. He was born in 1877 at Plumstead, and died 1922.

Ellen Lydia Richarda Hollist died in 1915. Her husband died on 28 March 1924.