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Gerald Wetherell Capron Hollist 1877-1922

Gerald Wetherell Capron Hollist
Born: 1877 Plumstead, Kent
Died: 1922 Suffolk
Edward Ommanney Capron Hollist
Ellen Lydia Richarda Wetherell
May Capron Hollist 1867-1947
Ella Capron Hollist 1872-1891
Anthony May Capron Hollist 1873-1915
Lilian Capron Hollist 1869-1942
Ruby Hodgson 1882-1977
Archibald May Hollist 1907-
Edward Gerald Hollist 1910-
Hollist Arms

Hollist Arms

Gerald Wetherell Capron Hollist was born on 16 July 1877 at Plumstead in Kent, the son of Edward Ommanney Capron Hollist and his wife nee Ellen Lydia Richarda Wetherell. He was baptised on 26 August 1877 at Ticehurst in Sussex.

The family lived at Lodsworth House near Midhurst in West Sussex and 50 St. James's Square in London.

In 1891 he was a boarder aged 13 with The Reverend Thomas R. Wainwright, Vicar of West L:avington in Susses with other pupils. By 1901 he was a medical student aged 23 boarding with J.B. Smith, an obstetric surgeon at 24 St. Thomas's Street, Southwark in London.

Gerald Wetherell Capron Hollist qualified as a doctor, and was entered on the Medical Register on 17 July 1902. He became a Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries London in 1902, and Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians London in 1903. He was then in practice at Riseley Lodge in Maidenhead, Berkshire (2).

On 7 April 1904 at St. Margaret's church Lee in Kent he married Ruby Hodgson, the daughter of Neville L. and Kate Hodgson of Woolwich and Blackheath (1). She was born in Bedford on 7 December 1882.

They had the following children:

Archibald May Hollist. He was born in 1907.
Edward Gerald Hollist. He was born in 1910.

In 1911 the family were living at Riseley Lodge in Maidenhead, with a nurse for the two children, a cook and a housmaid.

During the First World War, Dr. Gerald Wetherell Capron Hollist served as a surgeon in the Royal Navy, and later as an Army Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps (3).

He died in Suffolk on 23 July 1922 aged only 45 years, and was buried on 27 July 1922 in the Municipal Cemetery at Kirkley in Suffolk.
His wife Ruby Hollist died in Maidenhead in 1977 aged 95 years.


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