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Marianne Gould 1836-1900

Marianne Gould
Born: 1836 Sheffield
Died: 1900 Tunbridge, Kent
Thomas Gould 1802-1869
Frances Maria Brookfield 1805-1888
Charles Gould 1832-1909
Joseph Gould 1834-1908
William Gould 1838-1886
Anna Gould born 1840
Thomas Gould 1841-1908
Francis Gould 1843-1902
Frances Maria Gould 1847-1898
John Gould 1849-1920

Marianne Gould was born at Sheffield in 1836.

In the 1851 Census she is recorded as a pupil aged 15 in a school at 52 Regency Square, Brighton, Sussex.

She was unmarried and died aged 64 in 1900 at Tunbridge in Kent.