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Frances Maria Gould 1847-1898

Frances Maria Gould
Born: 1847 Sheffield
Died: 1898 Oswestry, Shropshire
Thomas Gould 1802-1869
Frances Maria Brookfield 1805-1888
Charles Gould 1832-1909
Joseph Gould 1834-1908
Marianne Gould 1836-1900
William Gould 1838-1886
Anna Gould born 1840
Thomas Gould 1841-1908
Francis Gould 1843-1902
John Gould 1849-1920
Lewis Edward Vaughan 1843-1910 married 1876
Charles Edward Vaughan born 1880
Mary Catherine Vaughan born 1881
Francis Herbert Vaughan 1889-1916

Frances Maria Gould was born in Sheffield in 1847 and died in Oswestry, Shropshire in 1898.

In 1876 she was married to Lewis Edward Vaughan 1843-1910 of Trederwen Hall in Wales at Todmorden in Yorkshire. He was a son of Edward Vaughan 1794-1852 and his wife Martha 1803-1879. Their daughter Martha Ann Vaughan had married in 1863 to William Gould, brother of Frances Maria Gould.

Their children were Lewis Stephen Vaughan (born 1878), Charles Edward Vaughan (born 1880), Mary Catherine Vaughan (born 1881), and Francis Herbert Vaughan (born in 1889 and killed in action in Belgium in 1916 during the First World War).