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Harriett Grace 1821-1888

Harriett Grace
Born: 1821 Saighton, Cheshire
Died: 1888 Yanipy, Australia
Charles Grace 1772-1837
Rebecca Thomas 1785-1874
Rebecca Grace 1816-1848
Ann Grace 1817-1841
Charles Grace 1820-1823
John Grace 1823-1875
Elizabeth Grace 1824-
Mary Grace 1826-
Charles Wilkinson Grace 1829-1903
Joseph Grace 1831-
William Gould 1819-1876
Edmund Gould 1851-1895
Charles Gould 1853-1889
William Gould 1854-1924
Nathaniel Gould 1856-1941
Mary Elizabeth Gould 1858-1859
Gilbert Gould 1860-1861
Bruera Church

Bruera Church

Harriett Grace was born in about 1821 at Saighton in Cheshire, the daughter of Charles Grace 1772-1837 and his wife nee Rebecca Thomas 1785-1874.

On 3 October 1850 she was married to William Gould at Bruera in Cheshire (1). He was born was born on 29 June 1819 at Pilsbury Grange in Hartington parish in Derbyshire, the son of Edmund Gould 1782-1833 and his wife nee Margaret Peake 1783-1844.

The newly-weds emigrated to Australia on the "Anna" only a few weeks later. They embarked on 20 December 1850 at Liverpool, and arrived on 27 April 1851 at Melbourne, Victoria (2).

They lived at Macclesfield in South Australia for many years, but eventually moved to Belvidere.

They had the following children:

Edmund Gould 1851-1895. He was born on 29 July 1851, and died on 29 June 1895.

Charles Gould 1853-1889. He was born on 21 March 1853, and died on 28 February 1889.

William Gould 1854-1924. He was born on 1 November 1854, and died on 14 February 1924.

Nathaniel Gould 1856-1941. He was born on 6 September 1856, and died on 11 June 1941.

Mary Elizabeth Gould 1858-1859. She was born on 1 July 1858 at Macclesfield, and died there on 31 March 1859.

Gilbert Gould 1860-1861. He was born on 28 September 1860 at Macclesfield, and died there on 7 January 1861.

Their father William Gould died aged 57 on 3 November 1876 at his home in Belvidere, South Australia. He was buried on 5 November 1876 in the church cemetery at Macclesfield (3).

His widow Harriett Gould nee Grace died on 11 February 1888 at Yanipy in Victoria, Australia.


Information on this family has been kindly supplied by Trevor Byrnes, who is a descendant.
(1) "At Churton Heath, near Chester, on Thursday, Oct. 3rd, by the Rev. J. Harrison, William, second son of the late Mr. Edmund Gould, of Pilsbury Grange, Derbyshire, to Harriet, only surviving daughter of the late Mr. Charles Grace, of Stamford Heath, near the above city." Derby Mercury 9 October 1850.
(2) The brother of the bride sailed with them. "Mr Grace" in the passenger list of the "Anna" was Charles Wilkinson Grace.
(3) Southern Argus 9 November 1876; Observer 11 November 1876; Chronicle 11 November 1876.