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Susan Bateman 1795-1828

Susan Bateman
Born: 1795
Died: 1828
James Bateman 1749-1824
Margaret Nicholson
John Bateman 1782-1858
James Bateman 1784-1800
Elizabeth Bateman
Margaret Bateman
Richard Gould 1792-1868
Susan Gould 1821-1905
Frances Gould 1825-1890
Bateman Arms

Bateman Arms

Tolson Hall

Tolson Hall

Susan Bateman was born in about 1795, the youngest daughter of James Bateman 1749-1824 of Tolson Hall in Westmoreland and Islington House, Salford in Lancashire, and his wife nee Margaret Nicholson.

On 10 December 1817 she was married by licence at St John's church in Manchester to Richard Gould 1792-1868 of Willow Bank in Broughton, Salford in Lancashire. At the time of their marriage Susan Bateman was living at Islington House (1).

They had two daughters:

St Stephen's Church Salford

St Stephen's Church Salford

Susan Gould. She was baptised on 10 May 1821 at St Stephen's church in Salford (2). She was married to the Reverend Henry Milne 1815-1880 in 1842 at Eccles near Manchester, and died on 27 October 1905.

Frances Gould. She was born on 1 February 1825, and baptised on 3 July 1825 at St Stephen's church in Salford. In 1845 she was married at Eccles near Manchester to Major-General John Hinde 1814-1881 CB.

Susan Gould died on 14 May 1828 (3), and was buried on 22 May 1828 at St Stephen's church in Salford aged 33 years.

Richard Gould died on 21 July 1868 at Great Yarmouth.


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(2) St Stephen's Church in Salford, founded in 1794, was closed in 1956 and demolished. The site is now a small park between Trinity Way and St Stephen's Street.
(3) "On Wednesday [[14 May 1828], in the prime of life, Susannah, wife of Richard Gould, Esq., of the Crescent, Salford, and the daughter of the late James Bateman, esq. of Islington." Manchester Guardian 17 May 1828.