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Mary Hollis 1654-1713

Mary Hollis 1654-1713 married William Gould 1655-1725 of Pilsbury Grange in about 1675. She brought one hundred and twenty guineas as her dowry when William Gould married her. The place of the marriage is unknown but was probably Rotherham.

She was born in 1654, the daughter of Thomas Hollis 1602-1664 of Rotherham in Yorkshire and named after her mother, his second wife Mary. Nothing more is known of her, not even her maiden surname. Her father was a wealthy silversmith, who died just before his daughter Mary was born. He is recorded as having been buried at Rotherham on 4 February 1654 (by modern reckoning), and Mary was baptised on 13 February 1654.

Although she had died by then, her children were left a legacy in the Will of her brother Thomas Hollis 1634-1718.