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Alexander Percy Gould 1856-1932

Alexander Percy Gould
Born: 1856 Broughton, Lancashire
Died: 1932 Taunton, Somerset
Philip Gould 1803-1890
Mary Burrell (Hayley)
Louis Philip Gould 1840-1927
Marie Louise Gould -1846
William Burrell Egerton Gould 1848-1921
Florence Helena Gould 1850-1920
Marius Herbert Gould 1851-1918
Isabella MacCartie 1850-1947
Herbert Ross Gould 1888-1954

Alexander Percy Gould was born on 23 June 1855 at Broughton near Manchester, the son of Philip Gould 1803-1890 and his wife nee Mary Burrell otherwise Hayley.

He became an East India Merchant, and was a first class cricketer.

He married Isabella MacCartie 1850-1947. They had a son Herbert Ross Gould 1888-1954.

When the 1901 Census was taken, Alexander Percy Gould was at The Grange, Clanfield in Oxfordshire, living alone on his own means and employing a female domestic servant. In 1911 he was still at The Grange, but his son Herbert Ross Gould was then with him, an undergraduate of Brasenose College, Oxford.

Later he moved to Sherfordville, Sherford, Taunton in Somerset.

Alexander Percy Gould died on 19 May 1932 at Ventura Nursing Home in Taunton (1).


(1) England and Wales National Probate Calendar 1858-1966 (1932) page 544. Probate was granted at Taunton on 16 June 1932 to his widow Isabella Gould and Thomas Broomhead solicitor. Effects £44,698 14s 11d.