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Sarah Wright 1793-1841

Sarah Wright
Born: 1793
Died: 1841 Derby
John Wright 1752-1840
Elizabeth Adams 1761-1844
Elizabeth Wright 1785-1794
William Wright 1788-1792
John Wright 1791-
Ellen Wright died 1794
William Wright 1796-1882
Thomas Wright 1798-1798
Elizabeth Wright 1799-1876
Mary Wright 1803-1845
Millicent Wright 1805-1826
John Buxton
Elizabeth Buxton 1818-
John Buxton 1820-
Sarah Buxton 1822-1837
Benjamin Buxton 1824-
Anne Buxton 1825-
William Buxton 1828-

Sarah Wright was born in 1793 (1). She was the daughter of John Wright 1752-1840 a farmer and his wife nee Elizabeth Adams 1761-1844.

On 9 December 1813 she was married by licence at Bradbourne to John Buxton of Bradbourne. She was then a minor, being aged only 20 years. He was a miller and they lived at Bradbourne Mill.

They had the following children, all baptised at Bradbourne:

Elizabeth Buxton. She was baptised on 4 October 1818.

John Buxton. He was baptised on 6 February 1820.

Sarah Buxton. She was baptised on 3 February 1822. She died in 1837 aged only 15 years, and was buried at Bradbourne on 23 October 1837.

Benjamin Buxton. He was baptised on 28 May 1825.

Anne Buxton. She was baptised on 16 October 1825.

William Buxton. He was baptised on 18 May 1828.

Their mother Sarah Buxton nee Wright died in 1841 aged 48 years, and was buried on 2 September 1841 at Bradbourne.


(1) She was presumably born at Bradbourne in Derbyshire, although her date of her baptism has not been found.