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Isaac Wheeldon 1744-1823

Isaac Wheeldon
Born: 1744 Hartington, Derbyshire
Died: 1823 Fenny Bentley, Derbyshire
John Wheeldon 1709-1780
Margaret Goodwin 1712-1788
John Wheeldon 1738-1769
Elizabeth Wheeldon 1740-1816
Richard Wheeldon 1742-1798
Edmund Wheeldon 1746-1796
Joseph Wheeldon 1748-1748
Mary Wheeldon 1749-1751
Margaret Wheeldon 1751-1783
Barbara Wheeldon 1755-1840
Sarah Knowles -1803
Isaac Wheeldon 1769-1770
John Wheeldon -1771
Isaac Wheeldon 1772-1807
Ann Wheeldon -1774
Richard Wheeldon 1774-1814

Isaac Wheeldon was born in 1743/44, the son of John Wheeldon 1709-1780 and his wife nee Margaret Goodwin 1712-1788. He was baptised on 24 March 1743/44 at Hartington in Derbyshire.

In 1767 he married Sarah Knowles at Chelmorton in Derbyshire. They lived in Buxton, Derbyshire, where Sarah was born.

They had the following children:

Isaac Wheeldon. He was baptised in 1769 at St John the Baptist church in Buxton. He died in the following year and was buried on 7 March 1770 at Hartington.

John Wheeldon. He died in 1771 and was buried on 11 April in that year at Hartington.

Isaac Wheeldon. He was born in 1772. On 2 January 1804 he married his first cousin Mary Lomas 1780-1848, the daughter of Thomas Lomas and his wife nee Margaret Wheeldon 1751-1783. He died on 20 August 1807 aged 35 years, and was buried on 27 August in that year at Hartington. His widow Mary Wheeldon nee Lomas was married on 6 March 1810 to George Wood at Bakewell in Derbyshire.

Ann Wheeldon. She was born about 1774 in Hartington. She died in the same year and was buried on 4 September 1774 at Hartington.

Richard Wheeldon. He was born in about 1774. He died in 1814 aged 40 years, and was buried on 19 February 1814 at Hartington.

Their mother Sarah Wheeldon nee Knowles died in 1803 and was buried at Hartington on 22 September in that year.

Their father Isaac Wheeldon died in 1823 at Fenny Bentley in Derbyshire. The registered informant was his first cousin John Goodwin Johnson 1771-1838.