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Ann Goodwin 1754-1840

Ann Goodwin
Born: 1754 at
Died: 1840 at
Joseph Goodwin 1716-1777
Ann Ferne 1726-1808
Richard Goodwin 1747-1748
Elizabeth Goodwin 1749-1808
Martha Goodwin 1752-1822
Sarah Goodwin 1758-1846
Margaret Goodwin 1760-1842

Ann Goodwin was the daughter of Joseph Goodwin 1716-1777 and his wife Ann Ferne 1726-1808, and the grand-daughter of Richard Goodwin 1679-1763 and his wife Elizabeth Buxton 1682-1776.

She and her sister Margaret Goodwin lived at Biggin Hall and were the unmarried first cousins of Mary Gould 1754-1815, the wife of Richard Gould 1741-1820 of Pilsbury Grange.

Under the provisions of her Will (1) she left a life interest in her estate to her sister Margaret and thereafter to other relatives and legatees.

Upon the death of Margaret Goodwin in 1842, the last of the Goodwin family to live there, Richard Gould 1741-1820 inherited Biggin Hall and he and his family moved there from Crowdecote.


(1) The probate copy of the Will of Ann Goodwin of Biggin Hall is in the Derbyshire Record Office (D239 M/T 356).