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Woodhouse Crompton 1771-1800

Woodhouse Crompton was the father of Mary Crompton who was married to Nathaniel Gould 1787-1867 on 19 September 1823 at St Pancras church in London.

He was born on 15 November 1771 and baptised on 22 December in that year at Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, the son of Samuel Crompton and his wife nee Hannah Woodhouse 1750-1817 (1).

He lived in Warwick, where he was a gentleman of some importance. He owned valuable land adjoining the town common called the Fryers, used as gardens or for agriculture.

When he died in 1800 it was inherited by William Crompton and John Parkes. They owned the textile company Parkes, Brookhouse and Crompton. After the firm collapsed in 1822, they sold the land, laying out streets including Crompton Street and Woodhouse Street. By 1840 the area had become a Warwick suburb.


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