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William Thomas Parramore 1840-1913

William Thomas Parramore
Born: 1840 Ilam, Staffordshire
Died: 1913 Wagga Wagga, Australia
Francis Allen Parramore 1795-1862
Mary Carrington 1799-1875
George William Parramore 1833-1837
Francis Thomas Parramore 1836-1837
Martha Parramore 1837–
John Thomas Parramore 1847-
Sarah Hall 1837-
Francis Thomas Parramore -1940
Albert Edward Parramore 1868-
George William Parramore 1873-1955
Lilley Parramore 1873-
Robert Hall Parramore 1876-1940
William Arthur Parramore 1877-1939
Ada Parramore 1878-
Mary Hannah Parramore 1880-
Herbert Parramore 1880-
Samuel Francis Parramore 1882-
Sarah Frances Parramore 1882-1886
Rose E. Parramore 1883-
Kate Parramore 1888-

William Thomas Parramore was born in 1840 at Ilam in Staffordshire, presumably at Throwley Hall (1), the son of Francis Allen Parramore 1795-1862 of Throwley Hall and his wife nee Mary Carrington 1799-1875.

On 26 January 1871 he married Sarah Hall at Shifnal parish church in Shropshire. She was born on 27 June 1837 at Cannock in Staffordshire, the only daughter of the late Thomas Hall of Haughton Farm in Shifnal (2).

They had the following children:

Throwley Old Hall Ruins, home of the Parramore family till 1877

Throwley Old Hall Ruins, home of the Parramore family till 1877

Francis Thomas Parramore. He died in 1940.

Albert Edward Parramore. He was born in 1868.

George William Parramore. He was born in 1873 and died in 1955.

Lilley Parramore. She was born in 1873.

Robert Hall Parramore. He was born in 1876 and died in 1940.

William Arthur Parramore. He was born in 1877 and died in 1939.

Ada Parramore. She was born in 1878.

Mary Hannah Parramore. She was born in 1880.

Herbert Parramore. He was born in 1880.

Samuel Francis Parramore. He was born in 1882.

Sarah Frances Parramore. She was born in 1882 and died in 1886.

Rose E. Parramore. She was born in 1883.

Kate Parramore. She was born in 1888.

They lived at Throwley Hall in remote hill country. There were two farms there called Throwley Hall: the new farm built in 1823 and occupied from at least 1841 by the bachelor brothers John Phillips and George Phillips; and the old hall occupied from at least 1836 until 1877 by Francis Allen Parramore and after he died in 1862 by his son William Thomas Parramore.

In 1877 the Parramore family emigrated to Australia. After they left, Throwley Old Hall became deserted and fell into its present ruinous condition (3) and the acreage of the former two separate farms was combined (4).

William Thomas Parramore died on 19 November 1913 at Wagga Wagga, Victoria in Australia.

His wife Sarah Parramore nee Hall died on 19 November 1918 at Adelong, Tumut in New South Wales, Australia.

References and Notes

(1) Throwley is pronounced with the first syllable rhyming with "now", not with "low".
(2) Manchester Weekly Times 4 February 1871. She is included under her married name in the Birthday Book of Mary Gould, the mother of Nat Gould 1857-1919.
(3) The ruins of the early sixteenth century house are today a scheduled ancient monument, while remaining privately owned property. British Listed Buildings (Staffordshire) Grade II* listed 2 May 1953: English Heritage Building ID 275187.
(4) The combined acreage was recorded as being 580 acres in the 1881 Census Return. The separate acreages in 1871 had been 246 acres (the newer Throwley Hall) and 338 acres (the old Throwley Hall).