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William Sergeant died 1834

William Sergeant
Died: 1834
Elizabeth Milne
Eliza Sergeant born 1797.
Oswald Sergeant 1800-1854.
Edwin Sergeant.
William Sergeant.

William Sergeant was an attorney at law in Manchester and lived at Eccles. He died on 27 October 1834 and was buried at Eccles.

He married Elizabeth Milne, the daughter of Nathaniel Milne of Prestwich near Manchester. She died in April 1834 and was also buried at Eccles.

They had the following children:

Eliza Sergeant. She was born in 1797 in Stretford Lancashire, and married Richard Gould 1792-1865 as his second wife.

The Reverend Oswald Sergeant M.A. He was born on 28 May 1800, and died on 12 February 1854.

Edwin Sergeant.

William Sergeant.