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Oswald Sergeant 1800-1854

The Reverend Oswald Sergeant M.A. was born on 28 May 1800 in Manchester, the son of William Sergeant and his wife nee Elizabeth Milne.

He married Alice Haworth, daughter of Edmund Haworth and his wife nee Elizabeth Peel on 1 May 1825 at the Collegiate Church in Manchester (now Manchester Cathedral). He died on 12 February 1854, and was buried at Eccles in Lancashire (1).

The Reverend Oswald Sergeant and his wife Alice had the following children:

Oswald Pattinson Sergeant M.A. He was born on 10 September 1830. In 1856 he married Emily Bridges Faithfull, daughter of the Reverend George David Faithfull. He died on 10 February 1908.

Edmund William Sergeant. He was baptised on 10 March 1836 in Manchester Cathedral.


(1) For a full biography see Raines, F.R. Lives of the Fellows of the College of Manchester Part II Chetham Society New Series volume 23 pages 350-361 (1890).