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Richard Edensor 1675-1736

Richard Edensor
Born: 1675 at Hartington
Died: 1736 at Hartington
Richard Edensor
Mary Naden
Anne Edensor 1672-
William Edensor 1677-
Edward Edensor 1680-
Elizabeth Gould 1676-1753
Richard Edensor 1700-1776
William Edensor 1703-1767
Mary Edensor 1709-1722
John Edensor 1711-1754
Rachel Edensor 1714-1791
Sarah Edensor 1718-1718
Hannah Edensor 1719-1748

Richard Edensor was born in 1675 (1) and was baptised at Hartington on 17 June 1675. He was the son of Richard Edensor and his wife Mary nee Naden who were married at Hartington on 23 October 1671. By the end of the seventeenth century, the Edensor family (2) had long been resident in Hartington parish. They may have stemmed from the medieval line of Edensoures in Staffordshire. The father of Richard Edensor 1675-1736 was probably the grandson of William Edensor who married Anne Brereton at Hartington on 28 April 1617.

Richard Edensor 1675-1736 married Elizabeth Gould. The date and place are unknown. Their children were:

Richard Edensor 1700-1776. He was baptised at Hartington in 1700. He married Ann Mills, the daughter of Sir William Mills of Leek and his wife Dorothea, and was known as Richard Edensor of Congleton, Esquire. He died on 1 July 1776 aged 76 years and was buried at Hartington on 9 July 1776. His wife Ann had died on 10 September 1762 and was buried at Hartington on 14 September 1762. Inside Hartington church there is an inscription recording his benefaction to the deserving poor of the parish.

William Edensor 1703-1767. He was baptised at Hartington on 5 December 1703, and died in 1767. He seems to have been unmarried or at least childless, for when he died his estate passed to his brother Richard.

Mary Edensor 1709-1722. She was baptised at Hartington on 24 March 1709 (by modern reckoning) and buried there on 20 August 1722.

John Edensor 1711-1754. He was baptised at Hartington on 4 March 1711. He married Elizabeth Houghton, and was an apothecary and surgeon at Walsall in Staffordshire. He died on 23 January 1754 aged only 42 years and was buried at Hartington on 27 January 1754. His infant son Richard Edensor died on 25 February in that same year of 1754 aged only 20 weeks, and was also buried at Hartington (3).

Rachel Edensor 1714-1791. She was baptised at Hartington on 29 November 1714. She was married on 13 March 1751 (modern reckoning) at Youlgreave in Derbyshire to Michael Heathcote, gentleman living Buxton. She died at Bagnall in Staffordshire, and was buried at Hartington on 15 April 1791, having survived her three brothers, to whom she was heir.

Sarah Edensor 1718-1718. She was baptised at Hartington on 6 January 1718 (modern reckoning) and was buried there on 11 January in the same year.

Hannah Edensor 1719-1748. She was baptised at Hartington on 21 April 1719 and died on 16 January 1748 (modern reckoning) aged only 29 years.

Their father Richard Edensor died aged 61 years on 19 May 1736 and was buried at Hartington on 24 May 1736. His wife Elizabeth Edensor nee Gould died on 4 September 1753 aged 77 years and was buried at Hartington on the same day.


(1) His grave in Hartington churchyard is marked by a monumental inscription that states that he was aged 61 years when he died on 19 May 1736.
(2) The family surname Edensor is pronounced "Enza".
(3) He evidently had no surviving children, and his wife must have predeceased him, as his estate passed to his sister Rachel Edensor.