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Fletcher Wilson 1788-1861

Fletcher Wilson
Born: 1788 London
Died: 1861 London
Stephen Wilson 1761-1814
Jane Mason 1765-
Fletcher Wilson 1788-1861
Jane Wilson 1789-
Ann Wilson 1792-
Mary Wilson 1793-
Susanna Wilson 1795-
Ann Morley
Arthur Morley Wilson 1823-1847

Fletcher Wilson was born on 28 October 1788 at Charlotte Street in London, the son of Stephen Wilson 1761-1814 and his wife née Jane Mason.

He was baptised on 28 November 1788 at Carter Lane Presbyterian Chapel in Blackfriars, London. His non-conformist baptism was registered at Dr Williams Library in London on 18 October 1797, together with those of his sisters Jane Wilson, Ann Wilson, Mary Wilson and Susanna Wilson (1).

On 14 September 1820 he married Ann Morley at Walthamstow by licence (2). She was the daughter of John Morley of Walthamstow (3). When the Census was taken in 1841 they were living at 85 Gloucester Place in London, with a manservant and two female servants.

They had a son Arthur Morley Wilson born on 9 June 1823 at Walthamstow in Essex, and baptised on 21 July 1823 at St Mary's church in Walthamstow. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge. He was killed on 14 August 1847 in an accident to their horse-drawn carriage at Woodham Walter in Essex, while returning home with his parents from visiting the Bishop of Rochester at his palace at Danbury Place near Chelmsford (4).

On 26 August 1830 he was appointed the Danish Consul General in London (5).

His wife Ann Wilson née Morley had also died when the Census was taken in 1851, and Fletcher Wilson was then living at 9 Grafton Street, Hanover Square in London, together with a manservant and three female domestics. By 1861 he was living at 38 Grove End Road at St John's Wood in London, together with a nurse, butler, cook and housemaid. His unmarried sister Susanna Wilson was living with him there when he died in 1861.

He died on 13 July 1861 in St. John's Wood in London. Probate of his Will was granted on 29 July 1861 (6).


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