Nat Gould

His life and books


Little is known about the publishers R.A. Everett & Co. of 42 Essex Street, Strand, London WC.

The firm is never mentioned by Nat Gould in his autobiographical writings. Yet from 1900 until 1905 they produced some of his best books, and in beautiful bindings. These books were:
1900 Settling Day
1900 Sporting Sketches
1901 A Racecourse Tragedy
1901 Warned Off
1902 Broken Down
1902 In Royal Colours
1902 King of the Ranges: A Blend of Fact and Fiction
1902 Life's Web
1902 A Racing Sinner
1903 In Low Water
1903 The Boy in Green
1903 Blue Cap
1903 Raymond's Ride
1903 The Silken Rein
1903 The Three Wagers
1904 Bred in the Bush
1904 The Gold Whip
1904 The Second String
1905 The Rajah's Racer
1905 The Story of Black Bess: as told by her Owner

After Nat Gould died, some were reissued by G.H. Robinson and J. Birch from 1920 in their "Royal Ascot Library" series. These, however, were much inferior compared with the fine productions of Everett.