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Ellen Elizabeth Gould 1863-1914

Ellen Elizabeth Gould
Born: 1863 at Pilsbury Grange
Died: 1914 Packington, Derbyshire
Gilbert Gould 1821-1891
Ellen Wright 1834-1904
Gilbert Gould 1864-1948
William Henry Gould 1866-1947
Clifford Burnett 1859-1936
May Burnett born 1890

Ellen Elizabeth Gould was born at Pilsbury Grange on 1 June 1863, the daughter of Gilbert Gould 1821-1891 and his wife nee Ellen Wright 1834-1904. She was baptised at Hartington on 20 August 1863.

She married Clifford Burnett 1859-1936.

By 1891 Clifford Burnett and his wife Ellen Elizabeth (known as Nellie) were farming at Johnson Meadow in Repton, employing four farm workers and two female domestic servants. They had a daughter May Burnett, born in 1890.

They were still there in 1901, but by 1911 the family were farming at Packington Hall, Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire. Ellen Elizabeth (or Nellie) Burnett was a party to the Hanson Mount Agreement dated 1 May 1911.

Ellen Elizabeth Burnett nee Gould died in 1914 at Packington.