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Thomas Church 1798-1860

Thomas Church
Born: 1798
Died: 1860 London
Thomas Church
Elizabeth Dixon
Elizabeth Scott
Harriet Georgiana Church 1827-1898
Robert Church 1828-1904
Thomas Ross Church 1830-1926
Hannah Church 1834-
Charles Wright Church 1835-1890
Sarah Scott Church 1837-1909
William Marryat Church 1841-
Edward Winter Church 1843-1875

Thomas Church was born in 1798, the son of Thomas Church & Elizabeth Dixon.

He married Elizabeth Scott of Penang, Malaya. They had the following children:

Harriet Georgiana Church. She was born in 1827. She was married to Walter Stuart Mann and they had two children. She died in 1898.

Robert Church. He was born in 1828. He married Sarah Church Waller, and died in 1904.

Thomas Ross Church 1830-1926. He married Florence Marryat 1833-1899 at Penang in Malaya. She was the daughter of the famous novelist Frederick Marryat 1792-1848 and his wife nee Catherine Shairp.

Hannah Church. She was born in 1834.

Charles Wright Church. He was born in 1835 and died in 1890.

Sarah Scott Church. She was born in 1837. She was married to Captain Malcolm Kemp Bourne, and they had four children. She died in 1909.

William Marryat Church. He was born in 1841.

Edward Winter Church. He was born in 1843 and died in 1875.

Their father Thomas Church was deputy Resident Councillor of Penang in the 1830s. He was appointed as Resident Councillor of Penang in 1834, and became Assistant Resident Councillor of Malacca in the 1840s.

He was promoted to Resident Councillor of Singapore in 1842, and held this post for nineteen years.

Thomas Church died in 1860 at 2 Hamilton Place, St John's Wood in London.

His widow Elizabeth Church died in Singapore on 31 October 1884.

Information on this webpage and the appendant pages for the Church family was kindly provided by Winson Saw of Penang, Malaysia.