Nat Gould

His life and books

Seeing Him Through: A Racing Story

First published in 1897 by Routledge.

Set in Sydney and Melbourne, Ross Gordon had lost heavily gambling on horse racing, and has had to sell up. To "see him through" his best friend Danby Widdrington gives him a home and a job managing the horses he once owned. He falls in love with an actress with a mysterious past, making a mortal enemy of her villainous father. Drama ensues both on and off the racetrack, until a final happy ending is reached.

The plot is remarkable for the skillful manner in which Nat Gould gradually reveals through the action that one of the friends is morally weaker than at first appears, yet is still worthy of friendship and indeed devotion.

A good story with convincing characters and relevant subplots. One of the best Nat Gould novels. (TA)