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Sarah Anne Redfern 1834-1904

Sarah Anne Redfern
Born: 1834 Middleton,Derbyshire
Died: 1904 Bradbourne, Derbyshire
William Redfern born 1796
Mary Redfern born 1795
James Redfern born 1818
William Redfern born 1823
Thomas Redfern born 1826
John Redfern born 1830
Martha born 1839
William Wright 1826-1904
Mary Elizabeth Wright 1859-1946
Helen Wright 1861-1945
William Wright 1863-1951
Charles Henry Wright 1866-1929
Thomas Edward Wright 1867-1943
Frank Wright 1869-1954
Arthur Wright 1873-1958

Sarah Anne Redfern was born on 6 March 1834 in Middleton by Youlgreave in Derbyshire, the daughter of a farmer William Redfern and his wife Mary.

Her brother was William Redfern (born in about 1823) who was unmarried and became a mercer and draper at Bakewell in Derbyshire, to whom two of her sons Charles Henry Wright 1866-1929 and Arthur Wright 1873-1958 were to be apprenticed and afterwards became drapers in the town.

She was married on 11 February 1858 at Hartington in Derbyshire to William Wright of Bradbourne. He was born on 11 March 1826, the son of farmer William Wright 1796-1882 and his wife Elizabeth Gould 1802-1843.

Their children were:

Mary Elizabeth Wright. She was born on 27 June 1859. She married Joseph Watson of Ballidon.

Helen Wright. She was born on 11 August 1861. She died unmarried on 27 November 1945 aged 84.

William Wright 1863-1951.

Charles Henry Wright 1866-1929.

Thomas Edward Wright 1867-1943. He was born on 13 February 1867 and died on 29 June 1943.

Frank Wright 1869-1954.

Arthur Wright 1873-1958.

Their mother Sarah Anne Wright died on 25 November 1904. Her husband William Wright had died shortly before her on 30 October 1904 aged 78. At the time of his death he had been farming at Park Gate in Bradbourne. They were both buried at Bradbourne.