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Mary Wright 1766-1884

Mary Wright
Born: 1766 Crich, Derbyshire
Died: 1884 Marple, Cheshire
John Wright 1718-1777
Mary Hall 1734-1814
Thomas Wright 1757-1783
Joseph Wright 1761–1764
Nathaniel Wright 1762-1818
Susannah Wright 1766-1800
Ann Wright 1767-1804
Sarah Wright 1769-1796
Samuel Wright 1773-1805
Stephen Watt Wright 1775-
John Evans
Anne Evans 1794-1884

Mary Wright was born at Crich in Derbyshire in 1766, the daughter of John Wright 1718-1777 and his wife nee Mary Hall 1734-1814, and was baptised there on 10 October1766.

She was married to John Evans.

They had a daughter Anne Evans 1794-1884, who was married on 13 November 1816 at Mickleham in Surrey to Thomas Hudson 1791-1868 of Camilla Lacey in Surrey, a barrister of the Middle Temple.

Anne Hudson nee Evans inherited Brabyns Hall at Marple in Cheshire from her unmarried cousin John Wright on his death in 1866, as well as her uncle Nathaniel Wright’s colliery-based fortune. She had also inherited her father's London-made fortune.

Thomas and Anne Hudson had the following children:

Thomas Hudson 1817-1866. He was a soldier, and died unmarried on 21 September 1866 in London.

Maria Ann Hudson 1819-1906. She was also unmarried.

William James Hudson 1823-1857. He was born in 1823 at Westhumble in Surrey, and became a soldier. He died on 5 May 1857 at Simla in India. He married Mary Martha Burnside 1822-1907, and they had a daughter Fanny Marian Hudson (born on 4 February 1850 at Peshawar in India and died on 27 March 1941 at Brabyns Hall in Marple), and a son Herbert Edward Hudson (born on 5 January 1854 at Wuzeerabad in India and died on 1 March 1911 at Christchurch in Hampshire).

Anne Hudson nee Evans died at Brabyns Hall in Marple on 11 September 1884.