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Frederick Francis Marryat Church 1859-1941

Frederick Francis Marryat Church
Born: 1859 India
Died: 1941 Southampton, Hampshire
Thomas Ross Church 1830-1926
Florence Marryat 1833-1899
Eva Florence Ross Church 1855-1887
Ethel Maude Church 1857-1952
Florence Charlotte Henrietta Church 1860-
Violet Theodora Church 1863-1953
Sybil Catherine Florence Church 1866-1958
George Ross Marryat Church 1868-1940
Marguerite Bertha Church 1872-
Elizabeth H. Spiller
Catherine Mary Church 1904-1979
Patricia Marguerite Joan Church 1906-1990

Frederick Francis Marryat Church was born in 1859, the son of Thomas Ross Church 1830-1926 and his wife née Florence Marryat 1833-1899.

He married Elizabeth H. Spiller, and they had the following children:

Catherine Mary Church. She was born in 1904 and was married to Reginald S. Crabb. She died in 1979.

Patricia Marguerite Joan Church. She was born in 1906 and died in 1990. She was married to Frank H.B. Fyfe 1908-1979, and they had a daughter.

Their father Frederick Francis Marryat Church died in 1941 in Southampton, Hampshire.