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Frank Thomas Dale 1863-1957

Frank Thomas Dale
Born: 1863 Lea Hall
Died: 1957 Lea Hall
Thomas Dale 1821-1890
Ann Wright 1824-1910
Mary Dale 1852-1869
Annie Dale 1856-1876

Frank Thomas Dale was born on 26 March 1863 at Lea Cottage in Lea Hall parish.

Lea Hall is a tiny parish situated between Bradbourne and Tissington, consisting of only three farms Lea Hall itself, Lea Cottage and Gorse Hill.

In 1891 he was farming at Gorse Hill in Lea Hall parish, aged 27. His widowed mother Ann Dale was then living with him.

He died at Gorse Hill farm on 30 December 1957 aged 94 years, and was buried at Bradbourne, where there is a memorial gravestone. He was unmarried.