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Elizabeth Greensmith 1821-1897

Elizabeth Greensmith
Born: 1821 Thorpe
Died: 1897 Thorpe
Thomas Greensmith 1785-1876
Thomasin Goodwin Gould 1787-1853
Mary Ann Greensmith 1814-1835
Francis Richard Greensmith 1816-1888
Thomas Greensmith 1818-1890
Thomasin Greensmith 1823-1853
Frances Greensmith 1825-
Thomas Pidcock 1818-1892
John Gould Pidcock 1844-1846
Marianne Pidcock 1847-
Francis Thomas Pidcock 1849-
Henry E. Pidcock 1852-
Elizabeth T. Pidcock 1854-
Harriett Pidcock 1856-
Tom W. Pidcock 1858-
Fanny L. Pidcock 1860-
Flora E. Pidcock 1864-
Bernard R. Pidcock 1867-

Elizabeth Greensmith was born at Thorpe in Derbyshire in 1821, the daughter of Thomas Greensmith 1785-1876 and Thomasin his wife nee Thomasin Goodwin Gould 1787-1853.

In 1842 she was married to Thomas Pidcock, born at Cheadle in Staffordshire in 1818. He was a plumber, glazier and painter and the family lived in Thorpe. They had the following children:

John Gould Pidcock. He was born on 26 March 1844 and died on 16 November 1846 in a tragic accident at home (1). He was buried at Thorpe, where there is a memorial gravestone.

Marianne Pidcock. She was born in 1847. In 1861 she was working as a milliner.

Francis Thomas Pidcock. He was born in 1849.

Henry E. Pidcock. He was born in 1852.

Elizabeth T. Pidcock. She was born in 1854.

Harriett Pidcock. She was born in 1856.

Tom W. Pidcock. He was born in 1858. In 1891 he was a mason, living at home unmarried.

Fanny L. Pidcock. She was born in 1860.

Flora E. Pidcock. She was born in 1864.

Bernard R. Pidcock. He was born in 1867.

Living with the family in 1871 were grandson Alfred Pidcock aged 4 born in Thorpe in 1867, and granddaughter Louisa Pidcock aged 2 born in 1869 in Fenny Bentley, Derbyshire. Living with the family in 1891 was granddaughter Florence F. Pidcock aged 11 born in Matlock in 1880.

Elizabeth Pidcock died in 1897, her husband having predeceased her in 1892.


(1) "Inquest ... [[17 November 1846] at Thorpe, near Ashbourn, on the body of John Gould Pidcock, a little boy two years and a half old, who died the previous day from the injuries received the Saturday before, in consequence of falling backwards into a tub filled with boiling cream, which had been placed on the kitchen floor a few minutes before, and at which time the child was sitting upon its nurse's knee getting breakfast. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death"." : Derby Mercury 18 November 1846.